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Police Report: Man Dies After Getting Rejected By Hospital




Tobi Adebayo

Another man has died after he allegedly got rejected by a hospital in Abuja due to his family’s inability to present a police report.

According to his nephew, Michael Ikyaator, the staff of Asokoro District Hospital refused to treat his uncle who was rushed in after he slumped.

He took to his Twitter handle, @erm_eye to air his grievances and questioned the Nigerian healthcare system.

He tweeted: “My uncle slumped yesterday in Abuja and was rushed to the Asokoro District Hospital, the hospital refused to treat him and insisted on a police report, he died in the car he was brought in, he wasn’t shot or stabbed. What have we done to the Nigerian healthcare system?

“Not too long after we lost Moradeun Balogun to the same careless system, another innocent Nigerian has to die over a senseless and heartless policy. Who invented the police report policy and why do they still insist on it?

“He wasnt in any form of violence, passed out, why did we need to bring a police report??? All of the hospital staff at Asokoro District Hospital refused to treat until he died in car he was brought in. I am lost for words here.”

A young lady, Moradeun Balogun, also lost her life after getting robbed and stabbed in the nect at the Bariga area of Lagos.

She was also rejected by Rolad Hospital after good samaritans who rushed her there could not present a Police report.

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