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Nigerian Chuka Umunna Loses Seat In UK Election



Daniel Ojukwu

Nigerian-born Chuka Umunna has lost his seat as a member of the UK Parliament for Streatham.

The former Labour Member of Parliament and Change UK founder polled second behind Conservative Nickie Aiken in the battle for the Cities of London and Westminster Constituency, losing by 3,953 votes.

Umunna was once dubbed the ‘British Obama’ for his similarities to the former American President.

Umunna said after the loss, “We must respect the choice the people have made today, both to re-elect Boris Johnson and the Conservatives into government, and for Labour to continue as the Official Opposition.

“I wish them the very best – it is in all our interests that they live up to the trust invested in them today.

“In particular, congratulations to Nickie Aiken, the new Member of Parliament for the Cities of London and Westminster.

“For the liberal, internationalist, pro-European, progressive, centre-ground of British politics, the Liberal Democrats still have a vital role to play, despite the disappointing results of this general election.

“We will live to fight another day and learn from what has happened these last few months.

“I will do what I can, albeit outside of the House of Commons, to contribute to that.

“I said I had re-joined the party this year for the long term – I meant it.”

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