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Social Media Users Condemn President Buhari’s Visa-On-Arrival Policy To Africans




Tobi Adebayo 

Some social media users have criticized President Muhammadu Buhari’s announcement to make Nigeria visa-on-arrival to all African countries.

President Buhari had said all African travellers would be issued visas on arrival from January, saying it showed Nigeria’s commitment to “free movement of Africans within Africa”.

This action was greeted with harsh criticisms from Nigerians on Twitter which outweighed the commendations.

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A twitter user @imd1973 posted a graphic video of some men butchering people and tweeted: “We are granting free visa at port of entry to all this bandits that killed fellow Africa in their country, this video is west Africa here and you know how corrupt our immigration can be to freely collect bribe to stamp anyone into Nigeria.”

@womenvoiceng tweeted: “He first invited Fulanis from other African countries to come home, that they are Nigerians.

Next is visa free policy to ensures easy & stress free access for them immigrating to Nigeria.

GMB & Fulani cabals are not resting untill this country is Islamized and Fulanized.”

@Jacksonpbn tweeted: “Buhari has announced Visa free for all Africans coming to Nigeria starting January 2020. He simply wants to flood Nigeria with his relations from Niger,Chad and Cameroon. We are watching!”

@tbrvorg tweeted: A country of 89% unemployed graduates has given free visa to Africans.

A strategy for importation of foreign fulani foot soldiers for a total jihadist war & conquest. Don’t forget they said the killer herdsmen in already nigeria are foreigners from Libya and Mali.”

@stephensenu tweeted: “I don’t think you all know the implications of allowing the rest of Africa enter Nigeria Visa free. Tunisia, Egypt, Ghana, South Africa won’t come into a failing economy. Niger, Chad and Guinea will empty their citizens into Nigeria. Fulani’s about to take over. Brace for impact.”

@realFFK tweeted: “A visa free policy for Africans to come into Nigeria is a shameless and subtle attempt to alter the racial and religious demographics of our country and open our front door for mass Fulani, Berber, Taureg and Arab migration into our shores. By the time they come here from all…”

@mikedamini tweeted: “Given free access for other African countries to come into Nigeria without Visa, is a big nonsense, This Country don too full, now @NigeriaGov wants to bring more Idiots that will add to our problems.
#lekki #misplacedpriority”

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