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“My Breasts Are Weapons”




What would be your reaction if you met a grown woman who has no breasts? Would it be that of amazement, sympathy or mockery? Whatever your reaction would be, it would only serve to underscore the importance of the female breasts. presents to you the responses of some ladies to the question “What do your breasts mean to you?”  Similarly, presented are answers of some  men to the question, “What do female breasts mean to you?”


Ladies Speak

My Breasts Are Weapons of Luxury –Adesuwa

My breasts are weapons of luxury for my man. Oh my God!  And they play a vital function in fitting my dressing giving it a fabulous appearance especially in my dresses with “v” shaped neck. Breast is the succulent part that gives a sensation and desirous feel. it commands erection my dear.  Man shall not live by bread alone but at the sight of breasts.

Breasts Are Assets –Blessing

The female breasts mean a lot to me o. They are more like  assets  that complete the female gender whether big or small so long  the chest isn’t flat.

I Use My Breasts To Feed My Boyfriend –Bidemi Abigun

I use my breasts to feed my boyfriend who may later become my  husband, and also my children. Breasts are one of the things that attract men, you know.

My Breasts Are My Selling Point –Elege

Breasts help with fashion. There are some clothes you want to wear that you need boobs to help them stand out. When I look at the mirror and see my breasts I get excited. They add to my beauty. They are part of my selling point.

 I don’t Like Big Boobs — Adedoyin

For me, I don’t like big boobs. There are some guys that love big boobs, they can die for it. There are also guys that like them small. I love my boobs the way they are. Sometimes, I feel big boobs are stressful to carry about. You can’t even go out without wearing bra. They would be dangling anyhow.

Breast Is Valuable –Seyi Ola

The breast is a part of the female body used to identify a woman and mostly attracts gender of the opposite sex to them. It comes in different sizes and shapes. It is one of the most valuable parts of the human body. It is being suckled by a baby for nourishment and also by men for sensation.

Men Speak

Boobs Are For Me To Rest My Head On And Suck –Spiff

Boobs means a lot to me; to rest my head on, and suck for sexual pleasures, especially the nips.  After  the buts it’s the most important to me.


Breasts Are Tools For Pleasure—Adewale Tosin


Breasts are a sensitive part of a woman.  They are tools for pleasure which entails sex.  They are also used for feeding their babies.  Breasts are  one of God’s design that I love the most in His creation… They vary in sizes, colours and shapes, both fake and real.

Breasts Are Next To Character – Segun Sanni

Breasts are like the most important thing to me in a woman after character. I don’t consider a lady beautiful enough if she doesn’t have at least the moderate sized breasts .

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