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Investigative Journalist, Kiki Mordi Under Fire For Supporting Homosexuality



Tobi Adebayo 

Investigative journalist and feminist, Kiki Mordi, is facing harsh criticisms from social media users for speaking against the illegality of homosexuality in Nigeria.

The radio presenter, who is famous for her “sex for grades” exposé had tweeted: “It’s almost 2020 & same sex marriage is still illegal in Nigeria.

“Like two people (of the same sex) can love themselves and want to build a family for themselves just like you & I but can’t because it’s illegal for them.

“A damn shame! We’re already on the wrong side of history.”

The tweet didn’t go down well with a lot of Twitter users. See reactions below:

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@drpenking tweeted: “Kiki Mordi is an example of why fame should never be given to women. Once you give a woman fame, she starts thinking with her ass, especially if she got a fat one”.

@Biisi96 tweeted: “Aunt Kiki mordi should have just taken the accolades for the Sex for grades thing and just quit while she was ahead. But no, everyday she must have one or two okoto meow skrrr nuggets to drop.”

@oluniyigates tweeted: “I dont know why people are mad at Miss Kiki Mordi. We are all trying to get out of this hell hole. ‘People are sending me death threats for Sex4Grades’ didn’t secure an asylum Visa. Maybe ‘people are sending me death threats for advocating same sex marriage’ will. You Go Girl”

@idohoez tweeted: “Anytime I see this Kiki trending I know it’s for a wrong reason. @kikimordi is obviously sponsored by her paymaster. I am not against same sex but if you want it , do it in peace and stop choking it on our throat”

@ayemojubar tweeted: “Kiki Mordi is a “one-documentary” wonder, and that might be her last. There’s nothing bad having a passion for same sex marriage, but such controversial topic requires a mastery of Act of Persuasion especially from someone tagging herself ‘journalist’. It’s not for babies.”

@tosinolugbenga tweeted: “Well, you just came out straight on what you actually want to do. It’s obvious you are tired of the hide and seek game. Dear Kiki, you can leave Nigeria and relocate to the right side of history and enjoy what you love to do. If you try it here, it’s 14 years in jail.”

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