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Last Time I Stepped Into A Bank Was 1985 — Tunde Bakare



Pastor Tunde Bakare

Former Vice Presidential candidate and Senior Pastor of Latter Rain Ministry, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has said that the last time he stepped into a bank to perform a transaction was in 1985.

The pastor, while teaching on ‘A Healthy, Robust Heavenly Bank Account’, revealed that he only steps into banking halls to sanctify a new branch as his banks would always come to his home for transactions.

He said, “I am not showing off as you will call it, I am only provoking you to charge up yourself.

“My mother was not a rich woman, but someone once told her that she would have bank accounts abroad and she laughed, but right now, she has a son that has bank accounts abroad.

“These things don’t really have anything to do with education.”

He added that the ability to pay one’s tithe and offering does not mean one has a ‘heavenly bank account’.

“If I can run bank accounts without visiting the banks, you too can. I don’t have two heads, neither does Dangote. Paying your tithe and offering doesn’t mean you have a heavenly bank account.

“If you think I am going to rush this sermon, you missed. I am going to go slow, after all, our president is ‘Baba Go Slow’ and I am his very good friend.

“To store up a treasure in heaven requires a different approach. Holding loosely and sharing freely and giving away heartily treasure for God’s kingdom purpose,” Bakare said.

Credit: Vanguard

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