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When Women Seek To Trap Men With ” Kayan Mata”



Kayan mata
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By Tobi Adebayo

Inputing “kayan” in the search bar of photo-sharing app, Instagram will bring an endless list of vendors, both genuine and swindlers, who all have one thing in common; they all sell Kayan Mata.

The origin of Kayan Mata, which means “women’s things”, can be traced to the Northern part of Nigeria. They are herbs that function as aphrodisiacs and sexual enhancement potions to spice up a couple’s sex life.

Unfortunately, they are now being peddled as love potions that can be used to extort rich men, keep men glued or make men obey every wish and command of women that use these special herbs.

There are uncountable vendors on Instagram that sell these potions to their customers, alongside the belief that administering these potions would enable them wrap men around their fingers with ease.

These sellers post made-up product reviews and wads of props money (dollars) to sell their products to desperate ladies who are eager to land “big fish”.

Some of the ridiculous names they tag these products include; make him do as I wish, favour soap, attraction soap, attraction oil, attraction powder, money soap, stingy man kit, money frog, and so on.

A graduate of Mass Communication from Nile University, Hauwa Abubakar, who spoke with to shed more light on the menace said, “only naive women would fall for the nonsense that these Instagram people are selling. I laugh when I see some of the things that they claim are kayan mata.

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“Kayan Mata, in the North, is usually packed for a newly wedded bride to enable her enjoy her husband sexually. It is not meant to trap anybody or attract anyone.

“Of course, good and enjoyable sex would make any man lose his mind and stick to his woman. He would also do things to make her happy like gifting her money and other things. It does not mean that the man is enchanted. It simply means the man is being appreciative,” Hauwa said.

When asked about the “favour kit, money kit”, Hauwa said those are not considered kayan mata and but voodoo items.

“Kayan mata is nothing more than performance enhancing, libido boosting herbs. Some are even medicinal as they can cure infections. Anything outside of that is juju.”

A student of Kwara State Polytechnic, Olufunke Lawal, accused self-acclaimed therapist, Hauwa Mohammed, popularly known as Jaaruma, as the one who allegedly started the trend of “making women believe that kayan mata is enchanting.”

“That lady was the one that started this whole thing. All she sells to the gullible women is a fruit called Gorontula in its liquid form. That fruit is only grown in some parts of the North. It is a natural aphrodisiac that also help women that have problem with lubrication down there.

“Her actions has given birth to a long chain of copycats. Nigerians are very good at facing a direction whenever it appears that it is thriving.

“It’s just so sad that young ladies are falling for the deceit of these kayan mata sellers. A simple mix of coconut, dates and tigernuts, ground together, sieved and served as liquid will do also do trick.

“Eating fruits like pineapples and watermelons also helps. I believe it is only greedy women that would keep wasting their money on the nonsense being sold on Instagram,” Olufunke concluded.

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