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Globacom  A Terrible Service Provider –Nigerians



A very common joke on social media is that the users of network service provider, Globacom, usually “receive messages sent in the morning at night.”

Unforunately, the joke is the reality of most of the customers of the service of the indigeneous telecommunications company, as it has taken the spotlight as the worst network provider in Nigeria.

Globacom, although owns the numero uno spot as the company with the most creative adverts, continues to plunge into an abyss of terrible network reception; a problem which has most Nigerians abandoning the network, despite its cheap and mouth watering data prices.

Speaking with, Chukwuma Ogbuagu, a phone technician at Computer Village, tore the network provider to shreds before our reporter finished with the question.

“When you are talking about networks, please remove GLO out of the equation. I honestly do not know why people still use that network. It is understandable that people go for it because of its cheap data plans, but what is the use of it when it does not even work properly?

A student of the University of Lagos, Temilade Onikoyi, lamented about the “faux data plans” that GLO offers to its users.

“To be honest, I do not think their data is really that cheap. I think they are just using the prices as a faux cover-up for the real data plans. How do you explain me exhausting 2.5GB under 5 hours? I didn’t even use Instagram or Snapchat. I was only reading PDF documents that weigh less than 5MB and before I knew it, I saw that it had finished. Who are they fooling?

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“Asides that, calls from other networks hardly come through to my phone. I am tired of my family and friends asking me what’s wrong with my phone when it is always on. Instead of spending ridiculous amounts on their adverts, they should focus on making their network function properly,” Onikoyi lamented.

A student at the Yaba College of Technology, Ewatomi Adegbule, said “all GLO is good at is signing an endless list of ambassadors”.

“I heard one time that they are owing Airtel and MTN billions of naira for interconnect calls or something, which is why calls from those networks find it hard coming through to my phone. Instead of signing plenty ambassadors with millions of naira, I think they should use it to settle their debt so that we can receive calls from other networks.”

A software developer, Damola Adaranijo, said “GLO’s 4G is other networks’ Edge”.

“To be frank, that network is nothing to write home about. I abandoned it since October 2019 and switched to another network. Even their so called 4G is still slow. You would take hours to download a 1GB movie. Now, imagine downloading movies on phones that are not 4G supported with a Globacom line. You will be frustrated.”

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“They will claim you have N3000 bonus to call other networks but you won’t spend up to 10mins before it finishes. My guess is that the bonus might actually be N300 but they will add one extra zero to make it look attractive.

Adarinjo further said, ” I wonder what the National Communications Commission is doing about this nonsense. We need a functional agency that would put all these to a stop. Service providers need to stop selling lies to their customers.

“They cannot try this nonsense in the Western world, where people sue companies for false advertising. Those are countries where things work and people know their rights. That cannot work here in Nigeria,” he added. reached out to Globacom’s Director of External Communications and Public Relations, Bode Opeseitan, but the phone calls and text messages sent to him were not answered.

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