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Piers Morgan Ripped Apart Over His Article On Meghan And Harry’s Split From Royal Family



English media personality, Piers Morgan, has come under fire for his scathing article on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s split from the British Royal Family.

Part of Morgan’s article read: “In a series of staggeringly pompous statements on their gleaming new Hollywood-style website, they laid down the law to the Queen and to the rest of us about exactly how things are supposedly going to work from this moment on.

“In other words, they want to be super-woke celebrities (with all the outrageous ‘Do as we say not as we do’ hectoring hypocrisy they’ve already brought to that status) who get to keep all the trappings of royal life without any of the hard, boring bits and the right to cash in on their status however they choose.”

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However, Twitter users were not down for the name-calling and have continued to blast Morgan, with most of them claiming the former is obsessed with Meghan, due to his “endless rants” about the Duchess.

See reactions below:

@lord_sugar tweeted: “Why don’t you come clean @piersmorgan .Tell your followers what you have against Meghan. Fact is she blew you out. You groveled to take her to your pub once and since then she has not answered your grovelling calls. Had she acknowledged you it would be a different story. QED”

@doctorfolu tweeted: “Why on earth is Piers Morgan so obsessed with Harry and Meghan. This is bordering on creepy.”

@bennite75 tweeted: “Perfect response. As is the idea of them going away leaving Piers Morgan and the rest of the drooling media morons screaming into a vacuum. Enough now.”

@chewyBB tweeted: “Piers Morgan will be on meltdown if Harry announces that he will open a Vegan bakery in Canada and Meghan starts a charity for underprivileged black kids.”

@jamiedelano tweeted: “If I were Harry, I’d be very tempted to use my last vestiges of royal power to ratf**k Piers Morgan into oblivion.”

@rebekkarnold tweeted: “Piers Morgan got ghosted by Meghan Markle years ago, yet he’s still more bitter than a 18 year old girl trying to thirst trap on snapchat.”

@kimanijonni tweeted: You are forgetting to address Prince Andrew’s shameful behavior with Jeff Epstein! That’s what we are waiting to see you rant about! That caused the queen more shame and grief than these two people who want freely live as they wish! Double standards on display! …….privilege

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