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Family, Friends Stage Protest Over Missing Broadcaster



Daniel Ojukwu

A gathering of family and friends of broadcaster Mr. Peter Tex Etim, took to the streets of Calabar to protest the lack of progress in the investigation into his wherabouts.

Peter had been abducted by unknown gunmen close to his workplace a year ago.

The protest began at his 12 Chamley Street residence, with the crowd marching to his workplace at Cross River Broadcasting Corporation, Watt Market and back to 12 Chamley Street.

Peter’s son, Alexander Etim while addressing journalists, lamented the lack of progress in investigations.

He said, “It’s been one year of unanswered questions, pains, trauma, high expectations and indeed we still continue to expect the return of our dear father, who is yet to return home to join his children.

“There is still no word, no details, no breakthrough and no pleasant news about what happened to Peter-Tex.

“It’s been one year without our family head, our breadwinner, father,” he said, adding life has been unbearable.

“For a year now, it’s still unknown what has happened to our father. We do not really know if he is still alive, if not where are his remains?

“Who are the people who carried out these criminal operations? Are they still walking the streets of Calabar without any prize paid?

“What can we do as family to turn the page on this matter? Should we believe that the man is dead? When he is supposed to be on active service to his state and one year after, with no trace to his whereabouts. These are questions that are still begging for answers.”

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