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The Big Deal About Big Butt



Tobi Adebayo

The rising rate of ladies getting liposuction and Brazillian butt lifts in Nigeria is enough proof that most men prefer big butts and some ladies without one would do anything to get it, including going under the knife.

Even with highly publicised deaths of three ladies, two of whom were siblings, there seems to be no stopping for the ladies who keep thronging in and out of Grandville MedLaser and Lekki Hill Plastic Surgery, both situated in Lagos, to get their butts done at a reported rate of N2.5million. spoke with ladies to find out about the obsession with big butts that some ladies would ignore the risks associated with plastic surgery.

A customer service representative at a top e-commerce company, who simply identified herself as Hannah, said she can’t relate with the obsession because she’s “highly endowed”.

“I know my bumbum was what you first noticed for you to approach me. That’s how it is for me. I can’t relate with the obsession because mine is heavy duty. It’s worrisome for me sometimes because I feel objectified. All people notice is what I have behind me. I inherited it. It’s no big deal aside from the attention you get.”

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Hannah explained further that having a butt as big as hers is also a problem as sometimes, she feels her knees would cave in from all that weight.

“I can’t run to save my life because it feels like it would fall off. Ladies with moderate butts need to thank their stars because all I hear from people all the time is that I will hear weenn from arthritis as I grow older.”

A student of a private University in Ogun state, Feyisara Osho, said that the craze for big butts is “real and terrifying”

“Have you not noticed that almost all the ladies in Lagos are getting big butts all of a sudden? So many figure 8s in Lagos, thanks to all those plastic surgeons in Lekki. Even our celebrities are not left out. I ran into a controversial light-skinned actress at an event in Lagos and believe me, I thought she was hiding a cereal box behind her, so out of shape and rectangular looking.”

“I do not understand why anyone should go through all that pain because of a big butt. Do you know they still have to work out every time to keep the fat in place? It’s those ones that are not doing what they are supposed to do that have their bums looking like cement blocks.”

Osho added that everything boils down to self esteem as she believes that most ladies undergoing plastic surgery are doing it for men.

“The men they are doing it for have pot bellies and what not. They will not try to change anything about themselves so why do we ladies keep doing this to ourselves? I am grateful for mine and any man that does not like it can move on to the next lady,” she said.

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Tunde Adebiyi, an aluminum roofing sheets supplier, said, “although I like my woman shapely, it has to be moderate. I am not a fan of big bumbum because other men would not allow your woman rest. I’m a jealous lover.”

When asked about the plastic surgery craze, Adebiyi said women do not understand that most men can recognize fake from afar.

“I can distinguish butts gotten from a doctor from the natural ones. I know a few ladies that claim that they have been doing squats at the gym, hence the big bumbum that appears from nowhere. I am a gym rat. What they fail to understand is that squats will not make the butt big, it would only make it firm. I am highly aware of that so I cannot be deceived.

“I’m not judging them but if a lady does butt surgery because of a man, she must have deep rooted issues. Yes, I agree that there are some men that can be vain and picky but no one should have to go through that level of risk because of anybody, it should be because it would make them feel good about themselves,” he said.

A fish farmer, who simply identified himself as Teledalashe, said he is a big fan of ladies with big butts.

“I like my women with big butts. I have never dated a lady without one. That does not mean I have anything against them. It’s just my preference. Big butts look great in tight-fitted dresses. It’s a huge turn on for me.”

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