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Social Media Users React To Atiku 2023 Branded Shirt



Atiku 2023

Tobi Adebayo

Twitter users are reacting to a picture of three youths, holding Atiku 2023 branded T-Shirts, in an effort to campaign for the former Vice President for the 2023 Presidency.

The former Vice President is currently trending on Twitter after the picture went viral, with most Twitter users condemning the youths for campaigning for Atiku.

See some tweets below:

@EmmanuelAC24 tweeted: “How old is Atiku? How old would he be in 2023? How old will he be after ruling for 8years?
Those who are twitting Atiku 2023 must have a problem understanding the kind of leader Nigeria actually needs to move ahead.”

@Idowu553 tweeted: “Atiku 2023? God Forbid Bad Thing…All This PDP Sycophants Will Not Stop Until They Milk Atiku Dry.”

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@mijinyawa_jnr tweeted: “If I were Atiku, I wouldn’t waste another huge amount of money on twitter campaign; because from the results of 2019 elections, social media (particularly twitter) can’t decide the winner. Atiku won most of the twitter polls yet President Buhari emerged in the real polls.”

@qdpaper tweeted: “Buhari contested 3 times before becoming the president of Nigeria under democracy. You’ll can say they’re are scamming Atiku,with the records on ground atiku is still only candidate that won’t dance to the tunes of no cabal. if atiku did not buy lie he will never buy the truth”

@aberonwu tweeted: “It looks @Atiku has become the greatest political ATM in the history of Nigeria. Atiku is saying, wait let’s reorganise our party, they soldiers of Fortune imbedded in the party and media are saying: Go let’s give it a try again. If you try and don’t succeed u try again.Ndi oshi.”

@experienceswtness tweeted: “They have come again o! Ndi #AtikuIsCumming gang #ServerBien.Last ditch attempt to milk @atiku dry before his sell-by date. Tomorrow they will start washing dirty linen in public about how some collected $Millions for laptops & SM campaigns and pocketed them.”

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