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Lagosians Kick As LASG Places Restrictions On Motorcycles Plying Certain Routes



Tobi Adebayo

Lagosians are reacting to the restriction of motorcycle riders from plying certain routes by the Lagos State Government.

LASG had made the announcement via their verified Twitter handle. It read: “LASG has commenced the installation of 2,000 prohibition signs across the metropolis, in a renewed effort towards creating awareness on the Lagos State Traffic Laws on restricted areas for the operation of motorcycles and tricycles”

Some Twitter users are circulating screenshots of the tweet with the hashtag, #NoToBikeBan, condemning the state government’s decision.

See some tweets below:

@hyperopique tweeted: “Lagos state banning over 20,000 bike riders automatically means they are recruiting over 15,000 burglers, pick pocketer, armed robbers, Conmen amongst many others. If you dont even think about our convenience, you should think about our safety. #NoToBikeBan”

@lakunma tweeted: “Lagos policies could be so frustrating, why would they make policies to frustrate citizens? High rate of traffic and bad roads should be their primary policies not frustrating lives, MaxNG helps citizens beat traffic and get to thier destination faster #NoToBikeBan”

@yusuf__olalekan tweeted: “Bike have one way or the other help the people of Lagos State, the Government should please find a means that will be less affecting to his people

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@ekitiketekan tweeted: “#NoToBikeBan It is true Bikes are use for many atrocities in Lagos (including arm robbery) but banning them will create more problems than it will solve. You can try to incorporate them into serious union with good monitoring and registration tag-number on vests.Eko oni baje o”

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