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Nigerians Berate EFCC Over Invasion Of Ibadan Nightclub




Tobi Adebayo

Nigerians are condemning the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s (EFCC) invasion of a nightclub, Club 360, in Ibadan, Oyo state.

The commission had posted on Twitter that it arrested 89 suspected “yahoo boys” from the club located on the Akala Expressway, Oluyole Extension.

However, Twitter users are not having any of it as they are currently berating the commission’s action, complaining that innocent club goers might have been arrested along the real fraudsters.

See some tweets below:

@gimbakakanda tweeted: “Please, who knows how this works? When EFCC operatives raid a nightclub based on intel that it harbors fraudsters, how do they tell Yahoo boys from innocent partiers there? It’s not fair to arrest anyone for merely being in a club, and then release them later. That’s harassment.”

@realOlaudah tweeted: “My dear EFCC,
Leave Yahoo Boys for a while & go after thieving politicians. They’re the greater evil. One under your investigation just got appointed governor by Supreme Court. The other that parked Bullion Van on election Eve in his house is yet to write statement. DO BETTER!!!”

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@OgbeniDipo tweeted: “Less than 6 months ago, the FBI arrested 80 Diaspora Yahoo Yahoo Boys. They already had evidence to nail every single one of them before making any arrest. EFCC can do better. You just can’t go around raiding club houses and arresting every single person in sight. It is wrong!”

@Biisi96 tweeted: “EFCC will randomly March Into club and bars. Arrest innocent men, open twitter and shout “ we arrested 89 yahoo boys”.
No investigation, no trial, no nothing, accuse and investigative. Lol, red clothed Sars.”

@tawah89 tweeted: “This is a shakedown.
You could be in a bar tomorrow drinking and screaming at Lacazette for missing a tap in and EFCC will rush in a grab you.
Next thing, you are appearing on the news as a yahoo boy”

@MrOdanz tweeted: “The EFCC will go down as the biggest Yahoo syndicate operating within a legal auspices in this country. Because all they do is track and arrest Yahoo boys, extort them of millions and release them back into the streets. They’re not different from criminals.”

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