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Abike-Dabiri Berates Journalist Over Anti-Buhari Tweet



Tobi Adebayo

The Chairman of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, Abike Dabiri Erewa, tackled a journalist, Alawode-James Jumoke, for tweeting about Anthony Joshua prostrating to greet President Muhammadu Buhari in London.

Alawode had responded to socialite, Noble Igwe’s tweet, who was defending Joshua’s gesture to President Buhari.

Igwe tweeted: “Most of the people with a lot to say to Anthony Joshua will use their shirt to clean the floor given same opportunity. A president is a president regardless of the side of the bed you woke up,dear.”

Alawode responded: “Very true. All of us should rever our leaders. Elected or selected. So, if Anthony is in awe of his President (as should be in a sane society); is his President also ignorant of how he became who he is Where is our NATIONAL SHAME?”

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Abike Dabiri then responded to Alawode, calling her out for her “legendary hate” for President Buhari.

She tweeted: “Sis Jumoke. Long time! Your dislike for anything @MBuhari is legendary . All are entitled to criticism , but yours is definitely more than meets the eye. I hope you will have the courage to contest elections and put into practice all you preach .Talk is cheap my sister”

Other Twitter users tweeted at Dabiri, pointing out that there was nothing wrong with Alawode’s tweet.

See some tweets below:

@obrienthagreat tweeted: “Abike, the tweet is easily comprehendible. Jumoke said, is Buhari proud that AJ became a World Champ with facilities in UK which he has failed to provide for young Nigerians at home?
I guess the answer is expensive for you.”

@oluwasegunajay7 tweeted: “Jumoke words doesn’t show any dislike, it a disturbing truth that u and ur likes finds difficult to stomach.”

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