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Can You Marry Someone You Met On Social Media?



The social media, no doubt, has among things fostered closer interactions among people who have not seen one another face-to-face. There are people who have even formed romantic relationships, some of which have led  them to tying the nuptial knot. But not everyone can go to this extent.  sought to know from the respondents below if they could go ahead to marry someone they met. Listen to them.

Relationships Need An Unbreakable Trust –Victoria Edet

I cannot,because love is based on truth, respect and honesty. Meeting online… He is still a stranger to me. I can’t marry him because I wouldn’t be able to study his behaviour, likes and dislikes. Relationships need an unbreakable trust.

I Don’t Fancy Chatting With Strange People –Lawal Oluwabukola Eniola

I can’t date someone I met online not to talk to marry…I crave physicality alot and am not a fan of chatting with strange people to a large extent of taking our discussions to another level.

Though, a lot of the horror stories about online love come from ignorance, a lack of transparency, how they met them and the reasoning behind it. Those horror stories are actually quite rare in comparison to the many very fairy tales that I’ve seen & experienced with my friends. I can’t marry someone I met online.

Character isn’t shown in an online conversation –Ifeanyi Ukah

No! Character isn’t shown in an online conversation. I need to know the person physically. How she reacts to things, her behaviours toward others for the sake of family, and I believe there is level of intimacy when we converse face to face.

Yes and No –Ikejimba Miracle

No! Marriage goes beyond just a relationship. If we meet on social media, become, best of friends there and you come up with a marriage proposal, guy I won’t marry you because someone can be one thing on social media and another in real life. I must meet you in person, date you for some months to know if we are compatible before marriage. I am against social media marriage where the spouses don’t get to know each other in real life. I can’t indulge in it. And yes! when we meet there and take the relationship outside the social media platform. We get to know ourselves deeper and better before tying the knot. – Ikejimba Miracle

It Depends On Character –Precious Ohuche

Ah! It depends. Marriage is not something you decide automatically. We must have met several times. We must have been dating before we can marry. It depends on character, not location.

Where I meet someone I care about is not important to me –Sheila Imeh

Yeah I can. Personally where I meet someone I care about is not important to me. What is more important is who he is. His personality would determine what I want.

I Dated For Two Years Someone I Met Online — Sandra Azuka

I’ve had a two-year relationship with someone I met online. I’m talking about a very serious relationship here. We met only twice before we broke up. If he’s my spec, and I confirm he isn’t fraudulent, and doesn’t have a family hidden anywhere, why not? After all Aunty Rihanna said we find love in the hopeless places.

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