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Six Relatives Killed In Mass Shooting



Police at the scene of the crime. Photo Credit: AFP

Six people have been shot dead and several others injured after a gunman opened fire in a village in southwestern Germany.

Aalen police said a suspect was arrested following the mass shooting shortly after midday on Friday in the town of Rot am See, Baden-Wuerttemberg, 105 miles northwest of Munich.

German tabloid Bild reported that the victims were all relatives gunned down by a 37-year-old male.

Police spokesman Rudolf Biehlmaier told broadcaster n-tv: ‘According to my information, there were six dead and several injured. We are working on the assumption that this was a single attacker.’

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Forensic teams were also seen entering a house searching for evidence.

Mr Biehlmaier said initial information suggested the suspect, a German citizen, and one or more of the victims were known each other.

He also confirmed some of them were members of the same family.

In a statement, police said further information would be released at a news conference with prosecutors and local officials at 3.30pm.

Credit: Metro

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