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Maryam Sanda: Social Media Influencer Hooks Cheated Wives With Side Lovers



Nkechi Bianze
Facebook Influencer, Nkechi Bianze

Tobi Adebayo 

Controversial Facebook influencer, Nkechi Bianze, is currently hooking up women who are cheated by their husbands with side lovers.

Bianze who blamed Sanda for reacting to her husband’s alleged infidelity by killing him, said the better way women should get back at cheating husbands was for them to also cheat them.

Bianze, known for her eye brow raising posts on Facebook is offering to connect wives with cheating husbands, to side lovers at the rate of N25,000, promising 100% confidentiality.

In a post made on her official handle, she wrote: “there are only two legally effective ways of dealing with a cheating husband: Cheating back (Very effective)Divorce

“Any other thing you do like praying for him, fighting side chics, reporting him to his family, your pastor and church elders will NOT send the message. These actually empower him. He will just see you like a mugu that you are and carry on with his sexcapades.

“I don’t like weak women who gather pity parties like some incapacitated morons that don’t know how to fight for themselves.

“Anyway, I’m in a good mood today, so here is my offer: If you are a woman whose husband is cheating on and you want to cheat back, hit me inbox. I’ll arrange a fine young man for you.

“One lucky woman will win the freebie from me; meaning that I’ll take care of all the expenses.
The rest will sort themselves out with the men I pair them with. 100% confidentiality guaranteed!

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“I’ve got two fine guys ready. Application is open for more side dicks who want to earn small cash. You MUST be good in bed and be ready to give head IF she likes head.

“Price is N10k per hour + your transportation. N25K per night. (I know it is not much. But most of these women are poor. Let’s pity them.)
God bless you as you apply.”

Bianze in one of her posts said some men were even offering their service free for cheated wives.

Bianze said in another post that Sanda instead of murdering her husband should have gone on a vacation with a side lover with her husband’s money instead.

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“Dear woman, please don’t kill your community d**k of a husband. Murder is a crime. It is not good. Come let me find you a man with a better penis than your husband.

“If Maryam could turn back the hands of time and she was asked to choose between a side dick and death by hanging, she would choose a side d**k. But it’s too late for Maryam.

“There are many more Nigerian wives who are just as foolish as Maryam. Rid yourself of your foolishness today and find yourself a side d**k,” Bianca wrote.

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