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Liverpool Dominace: EPL Bosses Should Be Concerned — Guardiola




Man City Boss, Josep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola expects the Premier League top brass to express concern over Liverpool’s dominance of their competition.

In 2018, the competition’s chief executive Richard Scudamore angered senior figures at Manchester City when he appeared to suggest that the Blues’ runaway triumph – winning the title with five games to spare – was not good for the league.

Scudamore said: “It doesn’t take away from City’s excellence, but we want the season to go to the last, I’d like multiple trophies needed in various locations on the last day because we don’t know how it will end.”

That quote annoyed City fans too, and fuelled a few conspiracy theories the following season, whenever it was felt that refereeing or other decisions had gone against City.

City still won the league, but it was much closer, with Liverpool pushing them all the way until the final day of the 2018-19 season.

This season the boot is on the other foot, with Liverpool romping away with the title – after City’s defeat at Tottenham, the Blues are 22 points adrift with 13 games to go.

Guardiola was locked in the dressing room with his players for 45 minutes afterwards, and when he emerged he was asked whether the Premier League should be similarly concerned about Jurgen Klopp’s team dominating.

Scudamore has since left the Premier League, but Guardiola said: “The last two seasons, it was an owner from the Premier League that says that can’t happen again,” said the City boss. “City winning the titles that way with 100 points is not good for the Premier League, now it’s Liverpool, the owner has to be concerned again.

“Two seasons ago we had 100 points, 19 from United and Mourinho and I don’t know how many from Liverpool. In that period Liverpool were strong, they’re stronger right now, today is not the day to reveal what you have to do.

“The reality against United is we conceded one shot on target, we create incredible amounts of chances and lost the game and today is quite similar, against that it’s difficult to find a solution. What do we have to do? I don’t know.

“We are there, we are in the box, in the penalty spot, alone with the keeper with two players and we are not able to score a goal.

“Maybe one day we make a click and it changes, the team is good, I like the way they play, but it’s not enough. The distance is so big, next season we have to do better.”

Credit: Manchester Evening News

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