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Pastor Curses Junior Ministers, Members For Leaving His Ministry



Pastor curses members

Tobi Adebayo 

An unnamed Ghanaian pastor has laid heavy curses on junior ministers and church members that left his ministry.

In a short video posted on Youtube, the angry pastor could be heard wishing the former pastors and members that left his ministry with barreness and different afflictions.

“Lord, and unto those who chose to scatter this ministry, esoecially the pastors who left this ministry and left with members of this ministry, which they do not account for as individuals by the ministry I come from, Lord let their wives be barren.

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“Let all fruitfulness be cast from them. I curse their generations, I curse their generations before and after them. Let them be chaos in their families.

“Let your pestilence fall upon them. Let there be sickness from the root of their families to their generations that are not born. Let them be epileptic, suffer hepatitis, HIV, madness. Let it fall upon them.”

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