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What We Think About Small Breasts –Men



Tobi Adebayo and Daniel Ojukwu

Many believe that ladies are attracted to what they hear, while men are attracted to what they see. This seems to hold water as a popular saying goes – ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’.

Body modifications have become commonplace in today’s society as ladies attempt to achieve the ‘perfect look’.

With this growing trend, attempts to find out what becomes of ladies with small, near-flat breasts and what the men think about them.

Read below:

Breasts Are Added Value — Joshua

Well I like breasts sha, and small breasted girls have small breasts. Breasts are just a part of the body. It’s an added value or benefit but it’s not my Number 1, 2 or 3 most important value.

Big Breasts Don’t Matter, I Love Woke BabesAyodeji Moore

If you have smaller breasts and you tick my most important boxes then why can’t I date you, or marry or stay with you? I want a beautiful face, an intelligent understanding mind and a great, woke, spontaneous conversationalist. All these qualities lead to peace of mind; someone who has the same views, values and beliefs and then a not big stomach. Breasts and curves and booty are extra additions but basically a beautiful, intelligent and fun woman is what I’m looking for.

Small Breasts Are Not Handy –Bodun

I don’t like small breasts. I’m married, my wife is gifted, she’s blessed. I like breasts when they are full or handy. You can even use two hands to carry one. So for me,  the small breast is a no no.

Small Breasts Are Perfect — Ajayi Idowu

I love them so much. I hate big boobs. They are just the perfect size. I can hold and do anything I want without stressing.”

I’m indifferent — Samuel Sebanjo

Sometimes, they are awesome. That’s why they’re perfect as God created them.  I have never had any major fun with a lady so I hardly know what  they feel like.  I can’t really say. To me all ladies are perfect and have different figure factors.

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