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EFCC Debunks Viral Photo Of Its Alleged Detention Centre



Tobi Adebayo

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has debunked a photo of its alleged Port Harcourt detention centre, showing dozens of suspects cramped in a corner.

A Twitter user, @TheRealDayne had shared the photo and claimed that it was the commission’s detention centre. The tweet sparked an outrage, forcing the commission to clear the air.


EFCC spokesman Tony Orilade said, “Contrary to the fake pictures circulated by @TheRealDayne, the facility in Port Harcourt Zonal Office, like all other EFCC cells, boasts of a high degree of decency and therefore, cannot be the open dumping facility, surrounded by razor-wired walls, depicted in the picture that was mischievously circulated.

“It is important to further clarify that EFCC detention centres are known for their remarkable care for detainees in line with our avowed respect for human right and dignity.

“The Commission can state without fear of contradiction that our Port Harcourt detention facility, like all others across the country, is further bolstered by a well-equipped medical centre that attends to the health needs of detainees, who are further fed three square meals daily from the same canteen that service officers and men of the Commission.

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“Were it not so, suspects standing trial for corruption would not prefer to be remanded in the custody of the Commission to those of the nation’s Correctional Centres. It is on record that no detainee has challenged the Commission for rights violation in court.

“It is well understood that the intention of this misleading tweet is to embarrass the Commission, and this has left us with no other choice than to investigate the brains behind it and to consequently take any further needful action that may serve as deterrent to all other mischief-makers in this mould.

“The EFCC is a responsible law enforcement agency, locally and internationally acclaimed for its outstanding achievements in the fight against corruption in the country.

“The Commission welcomes criticisms, so long as they are meaningful and constructive, but frowns at premeditated attempts to drag its hard-earned reputation and image to the mud.
Below is the Holding facility at the Port Harcourt Zonal office.”

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