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Singer Etcetera Calls Out The Music Industry Over Tribalism



Etcetera Nigerian Singer

Tobi Adebayo

Singer Etcetera has said that the Nigerian music industry is now soaked in tribalism as all the top artistes making waves are from a particular region in the country.

Responding to media personality, Emma Ugolee’s post on how the top 15 artistes making waves are from the Southwest, Etcetera said that the entertainment industry, especially Lagos is a sham.

He wrote: “There’s nothing wrong with your assertion bro… We are all aware of what is going on… Save for those living in denial and those benefitting from the madness.

“We all know that this SHAM some call Entertainment Industry in Nigeria today (Lagos in particular) is now SOAKED in TRIBALISM…

“Ask yourself why all of a sudden the top artistes now are all Yorubas???… And why the Likes of Phyno will fill a 40k capacity stadium and get half the media buzz as his Southwest counterpart who only does a 10k Arena??

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“Is it not a sad precedent that arristes from other parts of the country are complaining that for your songs to gain traction in Lagos Air-waves or before you are invited to perform at certain quarters in the city, you have to be an Adeleke, Dayo, Aziz, Omoniyi, Yemi, Seyi or Tiwa??

“Does talent and hard work that should position artistes generally, regardless of region, not matter anymore??

“Is talent and hard work why these Southwest artistes in the top 15, stand over the likes of Tuface, Timaya, Flavor, Phyno, Omawunmi, Waje, MI and Duncan Mighty??

“Even Nollywood that used to be known as Southeast originated and led industry now wears a Yoruba face… With the biggest players, directors and Movies all from the same Southwest clan.

“But the good thing is… Like every other TRIBALISTIC venture… THIS TOO WILL FAIL… Because MUSIC and the arts in general has no LANGUAGE… NO TRIBE… NO COLOR… It is simply what it is… MUSIC!”

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