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Behold Pastor Who Allegedly Enjoys Luring Teenage Girls Into Illicit Relationship




Daniel Ojukwu

Religious leaders are often deemed as oracles of God. They are therefore trusted by their followers as they are thought to be above board in their dealings with others. However, there have been cases of alleged betrayal of trust by “men of God.”

However, the society has been inundated with reports of pastors who have allegedly perpetrated vices such as rape, theft, murder, sexual immorality and others. One of those men is Pastor Chima Enukoha, Senior Pastor of the Freedom Covenant City Church (FCCC) located at No. 2 Dayo Ojutiku street, off Cole street by Lawanson road, Itire, Surulere, who is currently being accused by some teenage girls of taking an undue advantage of them in order to harass them.

His church organised a programme tagged ‘My Choice’ back in 2017 and 2018 where workshops were held for students in higher institutions across the nation, but it was said to have been discontinued after attendees claimed that the Pastor had ulterior motives.

Some teenagers spoke with and made grave allegations against Enukoha.


He Planned To Spend The Night In My Room – Teenager One

Speaking with, one of the victims, Confidence (not real name) said that she had attended Pastor Chima’s church with her family as a young girl.

She said she had been actively involved in the church and its activities, and was even well known by the Pastor’s family. She spoke of her involvement in the ‘My Choice’ programme at the age of 15, and the tours she had gone on with the pastor.

Now 19, she recounted her ordeal in the hands of the pastor whom she had looked up to as a father.

She said, “I was very close to his family. I even cooked noodles for one of his daughters sometimes as she would not agree to be fed noodles by anyone else. His wife and two daughters know me. At 15 I was popular in the church as I was involved in various programmes. Whenever I travelled with pastor, we would stay together and it would mean nothing because he was like a father to me.

“Things began to change when I turned 17, however, as his behaviour towards me became different. I don’t know what he saw because my breasts did not sprout early.

“I was preparing to leave for school in a different State, and Pastor Chima advised that I should not get a roommate. When I asked why, he mentioned my history with female friends, as we had discussed my bad experiences with female friends.”

She said she rejected the idea and got not just one but three roommates.

His alleged ploy became glaring when he accompanied her mother to her school for her matriculation ceremony. Her mother opted to stay with an aunt while the pastor rubbished the idea of passing the night in a hotel, opting to spend the night in Confidence’s apartment which had only one occupant to the best of his knowledge.

According to her, he followed her to the one-room apartment and settled in for the night, but was jolted into the reality of the situation when her roommates arrived. He packed his bags and silently headed for a hotel, only to arrive again before 7am on the matriculation day.

Confidence said , on another such occasion, the pastor made a transfer of N40,000 to her account, claiming that he was a heavy spender and needed her to help keep it, and added that she could use at her discretion.

She said, “He called up one day and said he was in Agbor, Delta State and needed me to bring the money to him in a hotel he was lodged in. I offered to transfer what was left of it as I had ‘used at my discretion.’ He said he could not withdraw money as his card was bad. He also said he could not transfer it to anyone else around him to withdraw for him as his transfer app was malfunctioning.

“He asked me to take a cab all the way to the hotel to deliver the remaining N35,000 and even pay the cab out of the money.

“I refused and said he should come for it or I would send N30,000 and there was nothing he could do. After multiple attempts he gave up. On my way to the bank I saw him in a cab parked in my school. He became aggressive and demanded that I give him his complete N40,000.

“He caused a scene as people stopped to demand he unhand me or they’d involve the police. He left and I sent his money but he went back to Lagos to tell my father that I had disrespected him and gotten involved in prostitution.


Pastor Chima Offered Me Scholarship For Companionship – Teenager Two

Another young lady, Uju (not real name), said the first time she attended FCCC it was to sing at a programme of the church.


She said, “After a month or so he came to my house but I was not around. He told my mum who he was and that his church had scholarship programmes. When I came back my, mum told me about it. The next time he came I was around so he took me to Shoprite.

“When we got there he got me all kinds of things. He was even asking me to pick more. When we were done I got into his car and he told how he was the one helping Confidence even in school (because the last time I went to the church I saw her and she was like his PA. He told me she was ungrateful despite all he did for her. He said she went to school and started following boys. He told me all kinds of things so that I could hate her. While we were still there, her call came in. He said, ‘the witch is calling.’

“All this while we were in his car ooh. He later told me that he wanted us to be close as he wanted somebody he could talk to, take out and spend time with. He even said he would take care of me, buy things for me. When I declined and told him that it was only fatherly relationship I wanted with him he the changed the whole thing and was like he was just testing me, that I passed the test and that his ‘boys’ would have done the same.


“It was when I became close to Confidence and I started going to the church I found out he was lying cause he had no boys. I opened up to Confidence then she told me everything.


“After I left the church I didn’t talk or relate with him again but he did not know that I knew his secret. He’s a very stupid human being. I’ll give you another girl’s number. He spoiled Confidence’s image before her. Her story will really interest you. He didn’t really enter my head. But you can ask her about the horrible things he did to her.”
When attempted to get the said girl’s side of the story, she said she had not recovered from f her horrid experience but had committed everything to God. She said, “Please let justice be done by God, when I’m ready to take the case further I will.”


My Daughter Has Had Enough – Confidence’s father

Concerned about his daughter, Confidence’s father spoke with this reporter and requested that his daughter’s identity be kept anonymous as his family had already been subjected to enough public scrutiny since the matter began.


He said the church community and people in the neighbourhood had pointed accusatory fingers their way and his family had to leave the church.


He also said Pastor Chima had attempted to harass him when he learnt that his daughter had been speaking with the press. attempted to reach Pastor Chima for comment, but he said he had nothing to say and that we go ahead to publish the story.

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