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I have Never Been To Switzerland, I Went To Geneva — SA Minister





Daniel Ojukwu

South African Minister of Communications, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams has become an internet sensation after claiming she went to Geneva and not Switzerland on official assignment.

The Minister was accused of spending tax-payers’ money on her wedding anniversary, a claim she denied, stating that her anniversary coincided with official business.

The allegation against her was that she took her husband to the US and Switzerland for celebrations.

The return tickets cost the State an alleged R76,719.

Her husband allegedly used her official vehicle to travel from Geneva to Paris for shopping.

She said in a statement at the time:

“That the trip coincided with the minister’s anniversary is of no consequence as public funds were not used and/or misused for this purpose.

“It is also malicious to claim that Mr Abrahams travelled to France on a ‘shopping spree’ utilising public funds as his passport, which is available for scrutiny, clearly reveals that he was in Geneva at all times during this trip.

During an interview with eNCA on Wednesday, she welcomed investigations before seemingly goofing.

She said, “Do you think I would take my husband to a wedding anniversary in Switzerland? I’ve never been to Switzerland. My husband has never been to Switzerland. We went to Geneva and New York to, of course, do the work that I’m expected to do.”

Geneva is in Switzerland, although many argue that there is a place called Geneva in the city of New York.

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