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4000 Divorce Applications Already Submitted In 2020– Lawyer




Tobi Adebayo

A Nigerian Lawyer, Sandra Orokodo has revealed that 4000 divorce applications have been submitted so far in 2020.

The Abuja based legal practitioner, via a tweet on her official Twitter handle said that some of the marriages were less than a year old and questioned what was going on.

Orokodo tweeted: “4000 divorce applications in Abuja already and the year just started.
Some of these marriages are less than a year old. What’s really happening?”

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Reacting to the situation, A Twitter user, @shadduy wrote: “In those days, people fix what was broken and forge on. In this era, whatever is broken is thrown away. nobody fixes anything. Unto the next one.”

Another Twitter user, @nwaegbe tweeted: “The inability to realize that marriage is hard work & the lack of awareness that the first two years or thereabouts is usually fraught with tension that needs to be carefully navigated with the support of family & well meaning friends”

@tifeblakez wrote: “Team “I must marry this year” and team desperate” this is where it leads, most people are after the glamour part but when shii becomes real, they wake up.”

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