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Tell Your Single Friends The Truth About Marriage — Lady Urges Married Women




Tobi Adebayo 

A Twitter user, Funke Fatai has urged married women to stop painting marriage as perfect, smooth sailing and tell their single friends the facts about married life instead.

In a series of tweets, the brand promoter said married women should tell their single friends that it’s God’s grace that sustains a marriage and not beauty, brains or acrobatic styles in the bedroom.

She wrote: “Dear married women its time you start telling your single friends the facts about your life as a married woman. Not the lies we often hear just to make it look perfect & smooth sailing. Tell them the truth about MARRIAGE.

“Stop telling them only about the nice parts, the new car, trips outside the country, the cute kids, rich husband etc. Tell them how being a wife/mother is a full time job even if you’re career woman.

“Tell them nobody can keep you home happier then you as a wife, not your housemaid. Tell them about the sleepless nights, the vigils, the prayer session, the uncertainties, the conflicts, negative forces you’re fighting each day etc.

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“Above all let them understand its not earned nor is it by Beauty or Brains, neither is it by ur acrobatic styles in the bedroom nor how rich ur family is..It is only by GOD grace and his grace alone.

“Tell them it is achieved only by being on your knees to GOD and by assuming your ROLE as a wife/mother. Tell them that real homes are built with patience and strength and not by designer clothes and bags. Tell them welcoming gossip is the easiest way that leads to home breaking.

“Tell them husband also have the right to chill with his friends.they are our friends and sons and GOD’s representatives in our homes. Stop comparing your man to others. Tell them that a happy home is not built around riches or class but on contentment.

“Enough of this flash and class gist about marriage,cos marriage is not a bed of roses.Tell them marriage is a UNION and it should be sacred.”

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