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It Would Have Been Terrible For Lagos If Coronavirus patient Was Left In Ogun State– Health Commissioner




The Lagos State Health Commissioner for Health, Professor Akin Abayomi said if the Italian who brought the Coronavirus had been left in Ogun State, it would have been disastrous for Lagos.

Abayomi said the reason he said this was becauseLagos is a designated testing site for Coronavirus.

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“The patient started his journey from Lagos State before heading to Ogun State . Lagos is the designated testing site for Coronavirus.

“ If we had left the patient in Ogun State , the transmission was a matter of time . The longer you leave it , the more opportunity for transmission . So, it was critical for us to collaborate with Ogun State to bring the patient to Lagos for treatment .

“ Lagos State does not want an outbreak on its borders. Lagos and Ogun State are actually one contiguous community and if there was an opportunity for people to transmit the infection in a neighbouring state like Ogun State , definitely, Lagos would have become infected.

“So, it was in our interest not only to support our neighbouring state but to protect ourselves.

“We, in Lagos, are on the offensive, we are not on the defence – we are making sure that we do everything in our power to reduce the entrance of Coronavirus into Lagos.”

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