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Donald Trump Donates Salary To Combat Coronavirus




US President Donald Trump, has donated his 2019 fourth quarterly salary to the Department of Health and Human Services to help fight the coronavirus outbreak in the US.

Information gathered via a twitter post of the White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham as she shared an image of the $100,000 check from Trump to HHS Secretary Alex Azar
Trump made the payment after taking a trip to the National Institute of Health on Tuesday afternoon to meet top immunologist Anthony Fauci as the US now has 100 confirmed cases of coronavirus with nine deaths recorded in Washington.

Trump’s yearly salary is $400,000 every year from which he is paid $100,000 every 3 months.
Last week, Trump submitted a $2.5 billion supplemental funding request to Congress to fight the spread of coronavirus, but lawmakers criticized the amount for being insufficient saying the virus needed $8 million to help in combating it.

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