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Floyd Mayweather’s Baby Mama Found Dead




Jossie Harris and Mayweather

Ganiyat Ganiyu

Jossie Harris, ex-girlfriend and baby mama to professional boxing promoter and former professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather has been found dead at her home.

Jossie, the mother of Mayweather’s three children was found dead at her Los Angeles home on Monday night.

The 40-year-old actress was pronounced dead after being discovered in a car parked outside her home in Valencia.

Officials are reportedly handling the case as a death investigation and not considering Harris’ death a homicide.

Late Jossie Harris and Mayweather pictured with their children

The actress had previously accused Floyd Mayweather of domestic abuse on more than one occasion. Charges of battery were dropped in 2005 after she claimed that she had lied about the violence.

Five years later, in September 2010, Harris alleged that the 43-year-old had entered her home while she was asleep and assaulted her with her children as witnesses.

The duo who had spent 10 years together eventually broke up in 2010 over multiple allegations of domestic abuse.

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