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Agony Tales Of Abule-Ado Residents




Williams Babalola

The Devil himself, with his complete entourage, scheduled a visit with the people of Abule Ado area of Lagos on Sunday. Agony, tears, losses were recorded in the community that could be best described as a trading hub. Suddenly, the once thriving community took the form of Golgotha. The unfortunate incident has left families in affliction, it has stripped a community of its productiveness and left the nation in grief.

During the evacuation of mortal remains, there were gory sights, wailing by victims’ families, burnt bodies, destroyed houses, damaged cars and several unrecoverable losses. The incident sent jitters down the spine of residents, visitors and government of the day.

Like every other Lagosian, Rev. Sr Henrietta Alokha woke up healthy without the slightest knowledge that it was going to be her last time of seeing her most cherished pupils. Idih Samson also said “bye-bye” to her older sister not knowing that it was a final farewell statement. Several property owners who woke up on that dark Sunday morning didn’t envisage that they were going to be ruined as millions of dollars of their properties were totally damaged. The morning didn’t also tell Church owners and worshippers that they’d have an emergency and compulsory relocation.

The immediate cause of the devastating situation, it was reported, was an explosion triggered when a truck hit gas bottles stacked up in a gas processing plant near a pipeline in the bereaved area. However, some residents who spoke with at the scene of the incident insisted that the situation was more than a gas explosion. They argued that the situation was more similar to the American-movie bomb blast than a gas explosion which was not a strange situation in the country. There were claims by residents that the area was bombed.

As our reporter managed to find his way to the scene despite the presence of torrents of sympathisers, he was attracted by the wailing that came from a side of the road. The lifeless body of Idih Samson’s older sister was just discovered and all Idih could manage to say was, “As I tell you bye-bye, I no know say we no go see again.”

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Hear what some residents said:

The Number Of Dead People Was Downplayed – Chimezie

What gets me angry is the claim that 17 people died. Over 100 lives were lost in this unfortunate situation. We personally pulled out 19 lifeless bodies yesterday only. We are not happy with what is happening. This is not a pipeline explosion, our community was bombed. The people at the helm of affairs know what is happening. Pipeline doesn’t blow that way, it couldn’t have affected all these houses if it was a pipeline explosion. We were the ones that carried the corpses of a young Rev. Fr and two Rev. Sisters out of the destroyed building.

Boko Haram Bombed Our Community – Pastor Ugochukwu

This issue came to me as a vision and I’ve been telling them about it. I said it last week that Lagos was not safe. President Muhammadu Buhari is aware of what happened here. What happened here is not a pipeline explosion. This place was bombed by Boko Haram.

This Is Different From The Pipeline Explosions We’ve Seen In Nigeria – Anonymous

From the look of things, this is beyond pipeline explosion. It is similar to what we see in Syria and Gaza; the way they launch rockets. If you see how the buildings were brought down and how many buildings were affected, you would discover it had nothing to do with pipeline explosion. We’ve been hearing about pipeline explosions in Nigeria, none has reached this magnitude we can see here today. Why are they deceiving us Nigerians that this is a pipeline explosion? You can see the level of damage that was caused. It is high time our government told us the truth because we don’t know what is next. We are fed up of this; there is no security of lives and properties in this nation. Since the inception of Boko Haram, they have threatened to come to Lagos to cause havoc. They have started what they promised.

A Bomb Was Planted Close To The Pipeline To Mislead People – Afeez Ekerin

Obviously, this is a bomb blast. It is clear enough. This is the result of a termite bomb and not a pipeline explosion. It was planted beside the pipeline to deceive people. This is a real blast. I urge the Lagos State Government to brace themselves because this is the handwork of Boko Haram. They are in Lagos already.

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We Don’t Want A Repeat Of This, Our Shops Are Locked – Alhaja Eniola

We woke up in the morning and heard a loud bang. It was reported that a tipper stepped on a pipeline and it caused an explosion. This is not a pipeline explosion, our community was bombed. We don’t know where this came from but we don’t want a recurrence. Many lives were lost. Shops are on lockdown. I am not just a trader here, I am a native of Abule Ado community.

I Saw The Trailer Bringing Out Smoke 30 Minutes Before The Explosion – Bethlehem Girls College Gardener

Yesterday, I went to the school compound to give the late Rev. Sr some pawpaw that I harvested from my farm. She asked if I wasn’t coming for mass and I told her I wasn’t. While leaving, I noticed there was a trailer packed close to the school that was bringing out smoke. In less than 30 minutes, everywhere was blurry. A light started from where an ‘aboki’ was selling bread and tea and found it way to the trailer. That was how it exploded. There are three missing men that I suspect are under the ruins of the building but the people in charge here have denied me audience since.

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