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Can You Undress Before Your Sibling/Relative Who Is Of Opposite Gender?



Damilola Francis

Africa does not lack close-knit families; parents, brothers and sisters showing love facilitated by the blood they share.

But how close does a brother get to his sister? How many get so close to their siblings who are of the opposite gender to the extent of being carefree with their nudity?’s Folawemi Durosomo asked asked some young Nigerian men and ladies this question: Can you undress before your sibling/relative who is of the opposite gender?

Hear the answers below.

It Will Only Make Me Feel Stupid — Adeyemi Oreoluwa

Oreoluwa  Adeyemi

No, I would not do that.
As a grown up, one observes privacy about almost everything; your body is part of it certainly.

Undressing myself before my sibling or relative of a different gender won’t prove any point to them or even me. It will only make me look stupid.

I Feel It’s Not Logical –Mayowa Chris

Mayowa Chris

No, I can’t undress in the presence of a relative or sibling who’s not of the same gender as I am.

Personally, I feel it’s not logical. respect for gender privacy needs to be applied everywhere and most importantly from the family as a whole, irrespective of age or maturity. There should be sanity when it comes to things like this. You should always know where to draw the line of sanity, and being casually careless.

It Depends On Age -Abdullahi Rahmat

Abdullahi Rahmat

Honestly speaking I can’t and even if the person is my sibling, it depends on the kind of age. I can undress in front of them if they are 5years. Some people will be comfortable with different degrees of nakedness, depending on their own background and body image. It’s comfortable showering together with your siblings of a different gender at a tender age. But when you see them growing up, you have to stop because younger children are more likely to be curious about naked bodies. They are still learning about their own, but once children hit puberty it’s more likely that they will view an adult being naked as more of a violation of privacy.

Our Self-Control Is On Different Levels –Damilola Francis

Damilola Francis

I can’t undress in front of a relative of the opposite sex because it could trigger the wrong impression in the mind of the individual.
Our self-control is on different levels. What if the relative can’t control himself and starts having ulterior motive in their mind

I can undress in front of her –Abayomi Sunday

Abayomi Sunday

Yes, I can undress myself before her. Reason: she’s my blood and there is no negative attachment. But I can’t go completely naked because since we are not of the same gender.

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Why Would I Hide Anything from them? — Abakada Andrew

Abakada Andrew

We have the same biological parents, and we have the same blood in us. So, why would I hide anything from them. Imagine if I was sick and couldn’t take care of myself, my siblings would be the one to bath me.
Be it a male or female siblings, i can undress in their presence.

Olunaike Oyinkan- Reflex action made me stop.

Olunaike OyinkanWell, I used to do that while I was still very young, but right now, I can’t. I think as I started growing, I became more conscious and I had to stop, not for any particular reason though, but just a reflex action.

Ikor Moses- I feel it’s inappropriate

Ikor Moses

No I can’t do that, because i feel it’s inappropriate for me to be completely naked around my siblings knowing fully well that we are all matured now.

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