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Ex-Health Minister In Jail For Stealing Ebola Funds




Former Health Minister for the Democratic Republic of Congo, Oly Illunga, has been jailed for five years for misuse of funds meant to battle Ebola virus in the country.

Illunga, who was jailed along with his financial advisor stole monies to the tune of $400,000 from Ebola funds, according to court papers.

The two were convicted of forging tens of thousands of dollars worth of receipts from a fake company which were used to justify purchases of products already paid for by international donors.

They were also charged with the diversion of transportation funds meant to help send life-saving items to Ebola hotspots.

The former minister, who has been under a ban to leave the country since 2018, was arrested in and placed under house arrest in September 2019 and at the time was accused of trying to flee the country.

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Illunga resigned from his position in July in protest of President Felix Tshisekedi’s decision to take over management of the response to the Ebola outbreak. he was openly against the introduction of trial vaccinations by the World Health Organization, WHO.

Over 3000 people died from the Ebola outbreak which began in 2018. The government weeks back discharged the final patient and is currently waiting for the stipulated WHO number of days to declare the outbreak over.

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