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Coronavirus: Millions At Risk Of Death In Africa Says UN Chief



Zainab Sanni

The United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres has said that millions of Africans, including youths are at risk of dying from the deadly coronavirus disease.

Guterres who said this while speaking with Radio France International (RFI) called on countries with the resources to step in and help Africa while asking that the international community makes the continent a priority.

“Ninety percent of the cases are in the G20 countries which hold 80 percent of the global economy. They shouldn’t be working alone, each in their corner, but in a coordinated manner to find treatments and vaccines to put at the world’s disposal

“Africa is in urgent need of test kits, masks, ventilators, protective suits for health workers,” said Guterres.

“We can still prevent the worst in Africa but without a massive mobilisation we will have millions and millions of people contaminated, which means millions of deaths,” adding that Africa’s booming youth population will not be spared.

“As the virus mutates, all the investment we are putting into vaccines will be for nothing because the virus will then travel from the South back to the North. So it is in the interest of countries in the North to help the South,” he said.

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