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Coronavirus: Sanusi Confirmed Negative



The former Emir of Kano , Sanusi Lamido, and his wives have tested negative for the coronavirus disease.

This was revealed in a statement signed by his son, Adam Sanusi, on Sunday.

“ We have been inundated with calls asking about the health and safety of my father ( Sanusi ) especially given the number of visitors he received on arrival in Lagos , and a number of contacts he had who have either tested positive for COVID – 19 or were in contact with persons who tested positive .

“ As for my father , on March 25 , he and all our mothers submitted samples for the COVID -19 test . These samples were taken at home under the supervision of Dr . Alero Roberts, the second Vice Chairman of the Association of Public Health Professionals.

“ On March 27 , Dr . Roberts conveyed the results and all of them were negative . We hope this information will allay the concerns of all those who are asking .” read the statement.

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The former Emir had earlier urged well-wishers to suspend visiting him and stsy safe at home until the pandemic was over.

“ At this time , and given the nature of this pandemic and the ease with which it is transferred from person to person , we will like to advise all friends and well – wishers to defy any trip to Lagos unless they are necessary to see us.

“ We can speak on the telephone , we know you are with us, we know you love us and praying for us. But your health and safety are important to us. When this pandemic eases , and the situation improves we look forward to receiving .” said Sanusi in a video that was shared on social media.

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