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AN24 Editor, Paul Dada Releases Song On Coronavirus




Paul Dada

The Editor of and gospel singer, Paul Dada, has released a song to encourage people not to give up even as COVID-19 ravages the world.

Dada who already has an album and released two singles early this year, said the song ” This Storm Will Pass ” is part of his contributions to the global and national battle against the coronavirus disease.

” It is true that I am a gospel artist. I have a full gospel album to be released on Easter Monday. The two singles I released this year are just teasers for the the coming album. However, the panic about COVID-19 made me release ‘This Storm Will Pass,” Dada said.

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Continuing he said:

“If I were a doctor, especially a a specialist in infectious diseases, I would be on the field bringing succour to COVID-19 patients.

“Well, I am a journalist. So, what I do is to give up-to-date reports, do analysis and enlighten people about this pandemic as much as I can.

“I see much panic in people as they read/ hear updates about the coronavirus disease. The people’s fear seems more dangerous than the disease itself.

And since I am also a singer writer/ musician, I thought it to record this song to encourage people and also remind them of the need to take precautionary measures against this virus.

” I urge people to download the lyrics video of the song and the audio, and share widely among their loved ones “

The download links are:




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