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Burna Boy To Ceezamilli: Pray Coronavirus Catches You Before I Do



L- Burna Boy, R- Ceezamilli

Tobi Adebayo 

Grammy-nominated Nigerian singer, Burna Boy has threatened to deal with his industry colleague, Ceezamilli for claiming to help him write a song.

While answering questions from his fans on Twitter, a fan posted an interview Ceezamilli had on City FM, claiming to be the writer of one of Burna’s hit single “On the low”.

Reacting to the video, Burna asked Ceezamilli to pray the dreaded coronavirus disease caught him before he does.

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He wrote: “I asked this spineless liar if he said this shit and he said ‘No, never. I never said that.’ @ceezamilli just pray coronavirus catches you before I do cuz you know what it is when I do.”

Burna has since deleted the tweet and apologized to his fans for making the threat.

“Your right bro. I overreacted there. But he definitely deserves a few Slaps for that tho, Regardless, my apologies to everyone for overreacting it wasn’t called for,” he tweeted at a fan who pointed out the gravity of his tweet.

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