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Coronavirus: Nigerians Stranded On Niger Bridge Cry Out For Help




Nigerians allegedly attempting to return to the east are stuck at the River Niger Bridge in Onitsha, also known as the Onitsha Bridge.

A video sent to by one of the stranded people simply identified as Francis showed tens of people stranded and milling around the bridge.

According to him, the bridge was opened up until 5.30am on Wednesday and no information was given prior to the closure.

The travel attempt might not be unconnected to the rapid spread of coronavirus in Nigeria which now has a record of 139 patients and the subsequent lockdown on commercial activities in most states.

Travelers who reportedly had the intention of returning to their families in the east are now stuck as the bridge which connects southeastern Nigeria with western Nigeria has been closed

Earlier, several states in partial or total lockdown in Nigeria had announced the closure of their borders and the Federal Government on Sunday, March 29th imposed a total lock down on Lagos, Abuja and Ogun state.

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Francis who shared the video appealed to the Federal Government for help as the travelers had been stranded since the early hours of Wednesday. An24 as however unable to ascertain the number of travelers stranded.

Meanwhile, experts have continued to advise Nigerians in urban areas against travelling to rural communities to limit the spread of the pandemic

The Federal and some state governments have banned non-essential travel and many workers, including civil servants, have been told to work from home.

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