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Businesses That Will Be Missed During COVID-19 Lockdown



Zainab Sanni

There is a number of businesses that are part and parcel of the everyday life of an average Nigerian in the bustling city of Lagos.

Most of these businesses have closed since commercial activities slowed down following the state government’s partial lockdown order and the subsequent imposition of a curfew on Lagos by the Federal government of Nigeria. The FG’s lockdown of Lagos took effect on Monday, March 31st.

The lockdown order became necessary to contain the rapid spread of the deadly coronavirus disease in the country, with Lagos being the epicentre.

According to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, there are currently 91 cases of coronavirus in Lagos alone. interacted with Lagosians and has compiled a list of some of the businesses that will be missed for the duration the lockdown is expected to last.

The Computer Village is one of the places that readily comes to mind as it is a hub for the sales and repairs of phones, computers and accessories. Those who need to purchase new gadgets or repair old ones are likely to find themselves stuck at this time as even phone technicians in the residential areas cannot at the time of the lockdown get repair tools and accessories from the popular Computer Village.

Newspaper stands are scattered around the corners of Lagos streets and it is a common sight to see people who cannot afford a copy congregate around these stands to discuss trending political and social issues. It is one business that will be missed by those interested in reading hardcopy newspapers for free or discussing current affairs with like minds.

Clubs, bars and pubs were also affected in the lockdown. Lagos has several times been described as the entertainment centre of Nigeria, and Lagosians are notable for their active night life. With the lockdown order in place, clubs, bars and pubs are closed till further notice. They will surely be missed by those who enjoy time out after the day’s hard work, especially during weekends.

Co-working spaces have been very helpful for new businesses who want to cut costs. With a huge number of startups and young entrepreneurs, Lagos has the highest number of co-working spaces in Nigeria. These co-working spaces have a yearly, monthly and even daily subscription that gives its users constant access to light, office space and internet. Co-working spaces have also been under lock and key since the lockdown started and this has no doubt been a huge source of concern to their customers.

Bukas are mini-restaurants with local setting and locally flavoured foods. As most of them do not offer delivery services, they will be missed by their teeming population of customers.

Other businesses that would be missed are dry cleaning services ,car washes and auto-mechanic garages.

Nigeria’s index coronavirus case was discovered in Lagos on Thursday, February 27 by the Virology laboratory of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital
The pandemic has now spread to 13 states with a total of 174 confirmed cases.

The Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Professor Akin Abayomi has also warned that coronavirus cases in Lagos state may surge to 39,000 in the coming weeks if proactive measures like the stay- at- home order were not put in place.

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