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Why Interstate Lockdown Will Not Work –NIgerians



Zainab Sanni

The Nigerian Governors Forum on Wednesday, agreed on a 14-day interstate lockdown during their sixth virtual meeting.

The lockdown is expected to help improve the nation’s response to and management of the coronavirus disease.

While speculations are on as to when the lockdown commences and if it is binding without a directive from the Federal government, the lockdown in Lagos, Abuja and Ogun is still on and now in its 25th day.

Other states including Kano, Ondo, Katsina, Kaduna, Ekiti and Kwara amongst others have also previously issued a total lockdown directive.

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Nigerians shared with, their thoughts about the decision of the 35 state governors and the Federal Capital Territory to adopt a 14-day interstate lockdown strategy..

Uthman Babtubde from Kano said it was pointless because Nigeria had no other strategy to combat the pandemic except lockdown.

“Do we have any strategies? We are just waiting for people in the west to find a solution so they can come to our rescue.. Shikena.” He said.

Nungkop Mishael from Jos had a slightly different opinion. He said the strategy was not bad but she was worried about its effectiveness.

“We just need to adjust. I have my fears though. People may become tired, desperate and lawless as lockdown order lingers. As it stands, the whole thing is not effective, the law enforcement personnel are compromised. While one state is under lockdown, another bordering state is not and people keep paying their ways to be mobile and you don’t see practical measures put in place to break the chain of spread of the virus. We have an impending crisis to deal with if nothing proactive and “national” is done by the authorities,” he said.

Shola Ojelade, who lives in Ilorin said “I still think, strongly, that staying home isn’t meant for us in Africa because most of us live on our daily income. But because we don’t have any plans we just adopted what most countries in Europe and America are doing. Now people are not staying at home because hunger is also rampant.”

For Munachi Egbulonu a resident of Ibadan, the lockdown extension is a necessary evil . “There are so many Nigerians who survive with their daily hustle. Nigeria isn’t prepared for a nationwide lockdown for two weeks but it is a necessary evil, if it can be adhered to strictly,” she said

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