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How Police, Others Continue To Aid Interstate Travel Despite Ban



Zainab Sanni

Commuters and transport companies have continued to flout the federal government’s ban on interstate travel, aided by law enforcement officers. The travel ban is one key measure put in place to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus disease in Nigeria.

In a chat with, commuters reveal that as long as you can part away with the required amount of money for the police officers stationed at road blocks, travelling is allowed despite the ban.

Arowolo Racheal has travelled up to three times since the ban went into effect.

On her last journey from Ibadan, Oyo State to Osogbo, Osun State, she had to pay N2500 for a journey that should have cost between N500-N1000.

“Our driver had to sort security personnel at every point with N200, N300 or N500 depending on their demands. I counted between eight to ten police stops and they all collected money. The only point they gave us issue was at Asejire bridge. Our driver had told some people to come down and trek to meet us after the check point. So there were about five of us left inside the ten-seater bus, as we approached the security post. The driver gave the police officer N300 who then allowed us to pass. By the way, there were were several other buses on the road too.”

“Our driver mentioned they collect N500 at Asejire point but it was because his bus was half empty,” she added.

In a recent report aired on, Channels TV, commercial motorists in the Jibowu, Yaba and Oyingbo areas of Lagos openly boasted about how they make their way through checkpoints and barricades erected by law enforcement agents across the country, after handing the officers generous tips.

“If we have a police escort, we can move. It’s not the buses we use but Sienna cars,” one driver confessed unashamedly.

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Responding to questions about how they get past law enforcement, one transporter said; “it’s all about settlement.”

Bukola Olowo who traveled to Ibadan, Oyo State from Lagos State, said all the driver had to do was sort the police men with N1000 at every point.

“When going, police collected N1000 at every security post from the driver.”

Gbenga Omotayo had also made several journeys between Lagos, Ogun and Oyo States. He said he wasn’t sure what to expect when he got to the park but was surprised that vehicles were moving.

He said: “The driver had to settle police men on the road but I think it is the usual money they collect so it did not seem out of place. I have traveled several times and we have never been stopped by the police officers. I remember that on my way from Sango-Otta to Ibadan, we were stopped by police men at the Abeokuta-Sagamu express but the driver bantered with them in a way that suggested he had already passed there earlier and given them money. The journey was smooth. “

“I had to pay N2000 fare price as against the normal N1000 though and when were close to Ibadan Toll gate, there was also a police road block but as soon as the driver gave them money, they let us pass,” added Omotayo.

Hammed Jimoh had travelled to Abuja from Katsina state from shortly after the lockdown commenced.

“We encountered at least 15 check points and they all collected money but I am not sure what the exact amount was. The only stop we had was at Kaduna where they simply checked our temperatures and let us continue the journey. I was surprised because I wasn’t sure I would be able to travel, I only decided to try my luck,” said Hameed

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