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Kaduna Warns COVID-19 Patients Avoiding Isolation Centres



The Kaduna State Ministry of Health has warned individuals refusing to submit themselves for treatment after testing positive for COVID-19.

Commissioner of Health, Dr Amina Mohammed-Baloni who issued this warning on Sunday, revealed that two persons were duly informed that they had tested positive while in self- isolation on Friday.

‘’Health officials subsequently notified them that a team will be coming to convey them to the isolation centre for treatment. These persons subsequently switched off their phones and have remained incommunicado,’’ she said.


Baloni ‘’warned that it is illegal and dangerous for COVID-19 positive patients to switch off their phones and make themselves inaccessible to health authorities after being notified of their test results.’’

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She noted that ‘’these reckless action of theirs is endangering themselves, their families and the larger community.”

‘’Similar irresponsible conduct by some COVID-19 positive cases has been reported in another state. It is a pattern of behaviour that must be stopped because it is patently dangerous to public safety

”Members of the public who may have relevant information on the whereabouts of these persons are urged to promptly contact the authorities,” she pleaded.

‘’Twelve persons have so far been discharged in Kaduna State after receiving treatment and our health professionals are working hard for the recovery of other patients.

”However, positive but asymptomatic persons and untreated Covid-19 cases have a high chance of infecting others and endangering their well-being, she said.

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