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Internet Users Call For Ban Of TikTok



TikTok has suspended the account of Faisal Siddiqui — Prince of Team Nawab with 13.5 million followers — for violating “multiple community guidelines.” A cybercrime complaint has been filed against the TikTok star for encouraging acid attacks on women in his latest video.

Twitter users who saw the video are angry and furious saying that Siddiqui should be behind the bars for promoting acid attacks on girls who reject marriage or relationship proposals. Moreover, #BanTikTok India and #Acid were top trends on Twitter, at the time of writing this article. Netizens are calling for a ban on TikTok in India.

Rekha Sharma, the chairperson of National Commission for Women, said she is taking the matter to both police and TikTok India after BJP MLA Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga flaggedthe controversial video on Twitter. Sharma on May 19 called for a ‘total ban’ on the platform India.

” Keeping people on TikTok safe is a top priority and we make it clear in our Term of Service and Community Guidelines that clearly outlines what is not acceptable on our platform. As per the policy, we do not allow content that risks safety of others, promotes physical harm or glorifies violence against women. The behaviour in question violates our guidelines and we have taken down content, suspended the account, and are working with law enforcement agencies as appropriate, ” TikTok spokesperson told Business Insider India.

Siddiqui claims the video that he uploaded a month back has gone viral because of the on-going tussle between Youtubers and TikTokers in India. He, in his statement, clarified that the video did not represent acid attack. However, people were annoyed with Siddiqui’s misogynistic behavior in the video.

A day after the video went viral, acid attack survivor and activist Laxmi Agarwal slammed Siddiqui for negatively influencing a large number of people.

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The development comes a day after Carry Minati posted a video asking people not to use his comments — from his now-removed Youtube vs TikTok The End video — out of context.

Minati was leading the charge on getting the short-video sharing platform banned in India and had posted “ban TikTok India” as a comment in a Technical Guruji video where the youtube sensation uninstalled TikTok from his 16 mobile phones.

Although Minati has deleted the comment since, his fans are still lining up behind him by uninstalling TikTok from their devices.

Ever since TikTok launched in India, it has been marred in controversy. It was temporarily banned by the Madras High Court for degrading Indian culture, encouraging pornography, showing explicitly disturbing content and propogating medical health issues among teens. The ban was later lifted but TikTok lost $500,000 a day and nearly 2 million users.

Credit: Business Insider

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