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Would You Stop Shaving Your Pubic Hair If you Learnt It Is Harmful To Your Health?



Folawemi Durosomo

Many women love shaving or trimming their pubic hair for different reasons.

But a gynaecologist and author of The Vagina Bible, Dr. Jen Gunter recently warned women against waxing or shaving of their pubic hair because it can cause “microscopic trauma” that can lead to infections. spoke to some ladies to find out they would stop removing their pubic hair if they realised it can affect their health negatively.

Abimbola, 30 said, “If I find out that removal of pubic hair would be detrimental to my health, I’ll definitely stop shaving for life. The fact that I feel very uncomfortable with a bushy pubic hair and my fiancé loves it clean and free of hair doesn’t mean I will keep shaving it because my fiancé would still leave me if I have issues with my vagina.”

Victoria, 26 on her own part, said, “First and foremost, I shave my pubic hair because it itches me a lot and when it’s full which makes me very uncomfortable. Now if you say shaving it can affect my health I don’t think I will be able to keep the hair because I will always feel uncomfortable. I will keep shaving it, moreover most women that have been shaving their public hair for years did not have any negative effect, so why will it affect me now ?”.

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Anita, 36 said, ”I won’t stop completely but I will reduce the way I shave. It won’t be regular like I used to, or i can just trim it when it is growing longer. I won’t shave till it’s skin, I’ll just trim once it’s getting bushy”.

27-year-old Bukunmi said, “I dont believe and I don’t even want to find out that shaving is harmful because nothing can make me keep my pubic hair. I’ll shave it because I can’t afford to stop having sweet sex over something that isn’t real”.

But 23-year-old Kemisola said she would only stop shaving frequently and not completely because having a bushy pubic hair was very uncomfortable and didn’t make sex sweet.

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