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Babcok University Commences Research For COVID-19 Remedy




Zainab Sanni

Babcock University has put together a team of researchers to find treatment for the raging pandemic.

The University’s Vice Chancellor, Ademola Tayo, said this in statement signed by Mr Joshua Suleiman, Director of Marketing and Communication of the university.

According to the vice chancellor, the team has submitted research proposals on COVID-19 to relevant government institutions for sponsorship and is waiting for approval.

“Babcock University has put together a team of researchers to find a cure to the raging coronavirus pandemic.

“Our faculties in the departments of public health and agriculture, who are currently researching on COVID-19 have submitted research proposals on it to the Nigerian Institute of Animal Science for sponsorship.

“We also do hope that private universities will be eligible for the Federal Government’s funding for research on COVID-19 vaccine so we can benefit from it,” he said.

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Tayo said that there were popular insinuations in some quarters that private universities seemed to have zero failure rate while certificates were being awarded to the highest bidders.

He however flayed such insinuations, saying, “I cannot speak for other universities, but I supposed they don’t also “dash” degrees to students.

“The private university system globally has effective and dynamic instructional mechanisms that make learning interesting and inspiring.

“I dare say that the private university system has contributed a lot to the higher education sector in Nigeria and Africa.

“It is the amazingly interesting atmosphere of teaching and learning, and building a community of scholars and scholarship where lecturers and students relate with each other with mutual respect and comradeship.”

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