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Lockdown And Our Relationship With Bra — Ladies



Folawemi Durosomo

Walking around the house braless became the norm for many women during the COVID-19 lockdown despite the fact that experts have warned that lingering “bralessness” could lead to sagging breasts.

Garment technologist, Victoria Shelton of ‘Figleaves’, said apart from ‘Cooper’s droop’, ditching one’s bra could also lead to more serious health complications, such as poor posture.

Shelton said if breasts are left unsupported, damage can occur to the Cooper’s ligament in the breast, which might cause them to sag.

In their chats with, ladies, talked about their relationship with their bras during the lockdown.

Bukola, a senior bank official said, “For me, my relationship with my bra wasn’t any much different because I was going to work even more frequently than I used to because of the essential service I render. However, I believe the report that most ladies wore bras less during the lockdown because most people would want to be as relaxed as possible, bras can be somewhat uncomfortable sometimes.”

Modupe, a model and beautician said, “My relationship with my bra suffered, I can’t lie, because personally I’m not a fan of bra, even before the lockdown I used to wish I didn’t have big breasts so I wouldn’t have to always wear a bra. Lockdown was like the perfect break I needed from always wearing a bra.”

Daniella, a university undergraduate said,” My relationship with my bra was the same as always because as a lady, I feel very uncomfortable walking around without my bra. I would say the lockdown period was not any different for me. I wore it throughout, even times when I was at home due to the strict lockdown. I feel very incomplete without wearing a bra.”

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Bunmi, a make-up-artist said, “I was home all through the strict lockdown period, I hardly put on bra when I am home because I need my breasts to be free. Even when I had male visitors, I still did not put on bra. As long as I am indoors bra is a no no for me.”

Deborah, a chef said, “I never wore bra during the lockdown. I only wear bra whenever I am going out. I was indoors althrough the lock down so I didn’t wear bra at all.”

Shalom, a new bride said, “I wore bras a lot because I got married shortly before the lockdown and I am a lady with small breasts. Since, I always wanted to look hot for my husband because we were both locked up in the house, I had to wear push-up-bras very often to achieve my aim.”

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