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Poland Eases Restrictions, Allows Large Gatherings



Zainab Sanni

Poland will allow public gatherings of up to 150 people and no longer require residents to cover their mouth and nose in open spaces, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced on Wednesday.

Face masks will still be required in enclosed spaces as well as during gatherings if a required 2-metre distance between participants cannot be kept.

The latest slew of coronavirus restrictions to be eased includes scrapping limits of customers in retail stores, bars and restaurants as well as the limit of worshippers during religious services.

Hotel bars and restaurants may reopen.

Poland, as of June 6, will allow the reopening of cinemas, operas and theatres but only every second seat in the auditoriums can be occupied.

Swimming pools and fitness clubs could also reopen on June 6, though weddings of up to 150 people will be allowed, discos and night clubs would remain closed.

“Poland is also working on a plan to allow some fans to return to football stadiums,’’ Morawiecki said without providing details.

Poland has so far recorded 22,303 novel coronavirus cases and 1,025 virus-related fatalities.

Credit: DPA/NAN

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