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COVID-19: Kogi Denies Two Cases, NCDC Reacts



Tobi Adebayo 

The Kogi State Government has denied reports by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) that the state has recorded its first cases of the coronavirus disease.

In a statement released on Thursday, the State Commissioner for Health, Saka Haruna-Audu, dismissed the results announced by NCDC and said all the hundreds of COVID-19 tests have all returned negative.

Haruna-Audu also said that the two reported cases were not from the state.

“We have also continued to insist that Kogi state will not be a party to any fictitious COVID19 claims which is wht we do not recognize any COVID19 test conducted by Kogite outside the boundaries of the state except initiated by us,” he said.

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However, the Director-General of NCDC, Chikwe Ihekweazu at the daily press briefing of the Presidential Taskforce on COVID19 in Abuja, countered the Commissioner’s claims and said the two reported cases gave their reference addresses as Kogi state.

He said: ”There is actually no dilemma in the two cases. They followed absolutely normal practice. The patient that was referred from the Federal Medical Center to the National Hospital.

“This is a normal referral pathway when you have a case. They physicians in the National Hospital suspected COVID19 from the clinical symptoms of the patient, asked for a test, it came out positive. The individual lives in Kogi state.

“Your public health response is based on where you live because that is where your contacts are so this is not controversial in anyway. Standard practice was followed.

“Once the results came out, the state epidiemiologist was informed that he has to do contact tracing around this patient. It is the state’s responsibility to do that contact tracing. So we hope they do it,” Ihekweazu said.

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