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Corruption Allegations: Group Wants Lagos Assembly Speaker To Step Down




Obasa Defies Lagos APC, Says No Going Back On Punishment For Lawmakers

A civil society organisation, SecureWorld and Liberty Initiative For Peace (SECUREWORLD), has called on the Lagos State House of Assembly to commence an immediate open investigation of the embattled speaker of the Assembly, Rt-Honorable Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa over corruption allegations made against him.

The anti-corruption group made the call because of the”mind- boggling corruption allegations against him with heavy documentary evidence being made public in recent times”.

The call was made in a press release signed by the organisation’s Executive Chairman, Comrade Mark Adebayo.

Adebayo said, “There are clear paths of honour for the institution of the state’s assembly and the person of the speaker to tread in this whole dishonorable scandal that’s been disturbing the political space of Lagos State for weeks now.

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“First, the speaker has to step down immediately – and that is long overdue – for the House to impartially investigate these humongous corruption allegations that have been in the public domain in recent times.

“We find it utterly reprehensible the nonchalant reaction of the Lagos State Assembly and the trivialization of the shameful incident by the person being alleged.

“This is a clear confirmation that the so-called anti-corruption policy of the current government’s is a mere official window-dressing while the anti-corruption agencies are behaving like toothless bulldogs. If not, by now, considering the billions of Naira allegedly cornered by him, a full blown investigation of the speaker should have commenced by both the House and any of the anti-corruption agencies while the Speaker should have stepped aside.

“These are the elementary procedures and world’s best practices that ordinarily should be a natural course of action but which has become so difficult in Nigeria because of the support mechanisms that the rotten system avails corrupt public officials who take full advantage of the many loopholes in the anticorruption laws and our moribund political structures.

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“At this juncture, bearing in mind the overwhelming series of documents to back the corruption allegations against the Speaker, he must either immediately resign his position of speaker or, at least, step down from office pending the outcomes of the investigations.

“Considering the mountainous corruption allegations against Hon. Obasa, he has lost the moral credentials to continue presiding over such an important democratic lawmaking institution as a State’s legislature.

“As an organization, working together with other anti-corruption stakeholders within our anti-corruption coalition, we shall take appropriate actions within the limits of the law – including mass protests and court actions – in due course if our demands for the Speaker to step down and investigations commenced against him are not met within a reasonable timeframe. Investigations into these allegations and the Speaker’s resignation or stepping down are ridiculously long overdue.”

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