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Can You Date Or Marry Your Sibling’s Ex?



Folawemi Durosomo

Many times, people cannot help who they fall in love with and for some families, that makes life a little complicated.

But how many can date or marry their sibling’s ex-lover? asked some young Nigerians. Read their responses.

I don’t mind if there is a strong chemistry between us — Esan Micheal

I can marry my sibling’s ex-lover, that is if I did not get to know about them being together in the first place. It’s past. So, I won’t really be bothered if I found out.
If I knew about them being in a relationship before, my natural instinct will be to keep a clear berth from her; because I won’t want to meddle with anything that might lead to hurting my sibling.
But who knows? Something can happen that sets in a strong chemistry between us and overrules my natural instinct and makes me look beyond the whole thing.

Emotions can bring them together — Tosin Emmanuel

I can’t date my sibling’s ex, because I must be aware of the relationship they had in the first place. Even if I am not aware and we are already dating, I won’t feel comfortable dating that lady any more, because my family comes first and there’s something about emotions. For instance, if I get married to her, will I forsake my family or restrict them from coming to my house? Hell no!!! One day they would both have chance to meet and emotions will take over them.
I can’t date my sibling’s ex-lover.

Memories Linger– Tope Opeyemi

Dating or marrying my sibling’s ex??? No!!!
I wouldn’t want to be seen as the reason for their breakup. Asides, memory lingers.
They would always be reminded of their previous relationship if the ex becomes part of the family.

Culturally, it is not right — Bunmi Monsurat

I can’t date my sibling’s ex. Culturally it is not right.
Personally I wouldn’t be able to deal with it because I will be thinking of what my sibling thinks of me and how she feels which is most likely going to affect our relationship

Love is over everything– Blessing Wonuola

Love is over everything when it comes to relationship situations. Personally, I won’t judge someone who dates or marries their sibling’s ex because they might just be in love. There are situations whereby we just have to accept the bigger picture, which is the positive part over just a flaw but it’s important my brother supports it. However, I wouldn’t date her if I knew from the start.
In other cases there are some flaws that can cancel all the good qualities a lady has. Let’s imagine a guy dating a lady and his brother tells him how evil she was when they were still dating, he tells him creepy things she did to him then.
As a human, he would confirm and consider these things if they’re true so as not to make the same mistakes his brother made.
But if it was his brother who fumbled in the relationship and then he tells him good things about her, the only big deal here is sex and it can be overlooked, it’s not easy but it is possible.

It may bring disrespect — Wisdom 

No I can’t, because they must have engaged in sex. Also doing this may bring disrespect to me from my sibling. If I didn’t know about their relationship at first and later on I find out, I will only continue if my brother approves it.

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